Actor who plays Jesus in TV Series ‘The Chosen’, says his Faith grew greatly playing the role

From the start, the producers of “The Chosen” have hoped that viewers would find their faith strengthened by watching the planned multi-season television series.  It seems it has already done that for one of its lead actors.

Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus in all eight episodes of the first season, recently told Christian Headlines his faith has strengthened since he began working on the TV series. 

“It’s deepened my faith very intensely,” Roumie said. “And I think part of that is because I’ve been spending so much time with the character in prayer and with Christ. It’s something that has greatly impacted it in a very positive way.”

As CBN News reported, “The Chosen”, which launched in 2019, is the biggest crowdfunding media project in world history, with more than 16,000 investors giving over $10 million.

Dallas Jenkins, the series writer, and director, cast Roumie as Jesus after the two had worked together on the 2014 short film project, “The Two Thieves”.  Roumie also played Jesus in that film. 

The actor told Christian Headlines he recognized the difference in portraying someone who is the “Son of God and also human.”  Roumie said he prepared for the role of Jesus with a lot of research, including reading the gospels as well as other historical accounts. 
“Mostly though, I relied on prayer and trust and faith in God – to use this role as a vehicle to bring the Spirit to people,” Roumie said. “I just try to get out of the way.”

Released through VidAngel Studios, “The Chosen” can be seen on its own app and other venues. 

As CBN News has also reported, Jenkins is the son of Jerry Jenkins, co-author of the best-selling Left Behind series of religious novels. The younger Jenkins has directed and produced award-winning films and worked with Hollywood studios like Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, and Universal. His latest project, “The Chosen,” grew out of a short film he produced for his church’s Christmas Eve service two years ago.

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