Founder of Peace House Gbile Akanni Shares Life-Changing Question from God

During a recent Zoom meeting with fellow ministers of the gospel, Bro Gbile Akanni, founder of Peace House, revealed a profound question asked by God in the early years of his ministry that transformed his understanding of God’s purpose for his life and ministry. Akanni shared this enlightening experience and addressed various biblical topics during the online gathering.

In the initial stages of his ministry, Akanni expressed his earnest desire to impact people’s lives with transformative messages. However, he narrated that God posed a crucial question to him that has stayed with him throughout the years. God asked him, “Do you want me to give you a sermon or do you want me to make you a message?” This inquiry left Akanni perplexed, and he sought further clarification.

Gradually, Akanni realized that anyone can prepare and deliver a sermon at any time. But for God to shape an individual into His message, one must spend years at His feet. God wanted to make Akanni an aroma, similar to the aroma produced when food is cooked on fire. This metaphor revealed the necessity of facing personal refinement in a private place. God emphasized that what people should experience is the fragrance emanating from Akanni after he has been through the refining fire. By remaining focused on his relationship with God in the secret place, even if Akanni found himself in a challenging situation, people would seek him out.

Akanni advised his fellow ministers to prioritize the altar where God refines their lives, cautioning against any form of self-promotion. He encouraged them to return to the secret place, allowing God to ignite a fire within them. As they undergo the refining process, the power and impact of their ministry would emerge. Akanni stressed that ministry is an outflow of one’s life—a life that blesses others. Therefore, he emphasized the need to build a solid foundation in one’s personal walk with God. Akanni referred to the apostle Paul’s advice to Timothy, urging ministers to take heed of their own lives and doctrine.

According to Akanni, a minister’s secret life holds the key to an effective ministry. To impact people’s lives, one must first focus on their walk with the Lord, cultivating a deep friendship with God. Instead of seeking publicity, ministers should seek God’s presence.

During the conversation, Akanni also delved into the concept of the ancient landmark. He explained that believers must actively seek and inquire about the enduring anointing that the fathers of faith possessed. Citing various scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments, he highlighted the significance of ancient landmarks, which establish the boundaries of one’s faith.

Akanni noted that when individuals are called to faith, they are separated from the world and darkness, entering God’s kingdom. This implies that there exists a clear distinction between light and darkness. Drawing an analogy to physical landmarks, Akanni emphasized that God Himself established a mark between light and darkness, righteousness and unrighteousness.

He further explained that the ancient landmark represents an unchanging faith that transcends generations. It remains steadfast despite the passing of those who practiced it. Akanni urged believers to adhere to the ancient landmark laid by the fathers of faith. This landmark is personified in Jesus, who serves as the foundation for correct theology and biblical ministry. Akanni emphasized that focusing on Jesus, His teachings, and His way of life is essential for a blessed and purposeful existence.

He cautioned against teachings that contradict the teachings of Jesus, asserting that such teachings should be discarded. To walk in the ancient landmark, one need not search elsewhere but solely look to Jesus. The faith in Jesus is uneditable and cannot be added to. The landmarks established by God are consolidated in Jesus, the beloved Son of God. Akanni


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