UN joins Stakeholders to refortify support for Nigeria’s development Plans

By Cleopatra Eki

The United Nations is committed to supporting Nigeria and moving the country from where it is, to where it ought to be ,“Development is dynamic and continuous, so we would keep on building on what has been done,” Dr Reuben Bamidele, National Programme Officer in Nigeria made the remark at a Stakeholders’ Consultative Meeting held in lkeja Lagos . 

The meeting had in attendance stakeholders from officials of International Organisation of Migration (IOM), Lagos State Ministry of Economic, Planning and Budget, Lagos State House of Assembly , Universities and media Communities Civil service organisations among others.He noted that the stakeholders meeting would take place in the six geopolitical zones in the country.Bamidele said the Stakeholders’ Consultative Meeting on the formulation of the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDPF) 2023-2027.

The UN official said that the organisation would keep on supporting the aims and objectives of the Federal Government. He noted that the essence of the consultative meeting was to make critical decisions from stakeholders on ways to support the Nigerian government.

“ The United Nations is committed to supporting the Nigerian government and moving the country from where it is, to where it ought to be and also in ensuring that the peace and security of the country are strengthened-Bamidele added.“

The cooperative framework is the collective response of the UN system in Nigeria.“We achieve a lot in supporting the country and helped in the economic recovery, so we intend to keep the partnership and achieve better things going forward.

Speaking Prof. Lanre Olaniran, a Consultant for the UN, revealed that development shortfalls and high unemployment rates were some of hindering development in the country.

“Low earnings for individuals, poor social indicators and disparities by incomes, are some the factors that need change for the development of the country.“

Environmental, ecosystem and natural resource management remain a challenge; given the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources which expose the population to climate change vulnerabilities.“We must all join hands together in finding solutions to these problems, hence the reason for the meeting, so that we can get everyone’s input on these matters,” he said.Olaniran, who works at University of Ibadan, noted that the synergy between the organisation and the government cannot be over-emphasised.“It is important for the government and the UN to work together to avoid duplication of projects that would have been done by the government.“It is important to have the cooperation frameworks so that both parties can find out what has been done and what hasn’t and this would also prevent wastage of resources,” he said.

At the brain storm session, one of stakeholders, Treasures Uchegbu, convener SpeakingFingers Network said the UN Consultative Forum: is an enriching experience and exposure to glean perspectives from a diverse thought Leadership/ collaborators on the working of UN Agency in Nigeria, it afforded us the opportunity to brainstorm, connect, share, and forge ahead. Our Team commented on the Theory of Change(ToC) Component 3: “People living in Nigeria have increased access and use quality basic social services ( Health, Education, Social Protection among others ) as Team Secretary and Group Presenter – we had a robust shared discuss on the ToC and adjoining Question to better understand and proffer better ways of engaging the UN structure/intervention to foster Our collective Development Goals.

The UNSDPF stakeholders meeting was a great success however, we all know that at the moment, Nigeria faces multi-faceted challenges which include the complex humanitarian situation in its north-eastern region, other internal conflicts and a number of development deficits and no were is safe anymore. So it is important more emphasis is placed on prosperity and planet along side people and peace.

She commended All United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks that have greatly helped significantly in our impact strategies and interventions for Nigeria. “There is need to emphasize stronger partnerships across board for the four (4) pillars of the UN Goals which are: Prosperity, Planet, People and Peace. “Having an effective optimization and utilization of UN funds is key. This should be properly monitored.” She urges Uchegbu advises UN-Nigeria with all they can to reduce duplication of efforts and unnecessary competition among agencies at all levels.

The Government of Nigeria and the UN system should seek to ensure that the monitoring and evaluation of this UNSDPF adapts to the national M&E systems to enhance UN contributions responsible for driving joint planning, monitoring, reporting and results.The Sustainable Development Goals are a global call to action to end poverty, protect the earth’s environment and climate, and ensure that people everywhere can enjoy peace and prosperity.

These are the goals the UN is working on in Nigeria and I hope we can achieve this in Nigeria. Nigerian people are hungry and if there is prosperity in the land, I am sure a lot more will be achieved by the people for peace and also planet. Another stakeholder: Aderonke Oyelakin,

Executive Coordinator, Bimbo Odukoya Foundation: a legacy foundation in memory of Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, a woman, girls right and family advocate known for her popularly watched broadcast on singles and married. BOF was established in 2007 and has reached over 150,000 beneficiaries through her various projects with children, youths and women.”Our Vision: A world in which every woman and girl-child is not only safe but empowered to be am impactful member of the society.

”We Protect, Empower and Impact the rights of women and children.'”It has often been said that the development of a nation hinges not only on the government but also on individuals and organizations. ‘According to her, the deficiency of governments makes room for CSOs and Bimbo Odukoya Foundation has been and will continue to support the efforts of government so as to improve lives and give the lives of people a meaning by upholding justice, human rights, and social protection and empowerment of the vulnerable including girls and women.”

She added that, in the face of current global economic recession, governments alone cannot be solely saddled with the development of a nation because of the scarce resources at their disposal. Hence, all hands must be on deck to salvage the situation.

”Without mincing words, governments at all levels know that it is their primary responsibility to provide good governance through provision of necessary socio-economic services that would impact on the general wellbeing of the governed while the non-state actors (Civil Society Actors) are to complement the efforts of the governments. Oyelakin appreciates the CSOs in Nigeria for playing some critical roles and we will continue more.”

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