Stakeholders advocate for protection of Child Rights, elimination of Gender Based Violence

By Cleopatra Eki

Concerned groups have appealled to governments to implement and strengthen agencies handling the protection of Child Rights, and elimination gender-based voilence.

Convener of the group, Mrs.Treasure Uchegbu, made the call while speaking at the Fingers Life Work Ready programme for Deaf Teens in Epe Lagos recently.

The collaborating groups include United Nations Information Centre, Speaking fingers Network, Global Unarmed Tactical self- Defense Association and Epe Community.

Research has shown that one out of every three women has experienced one form of gender based violence or the other which was more alarming during the global pandemic. Sadly children, teens and women are worse hit.

She appreciated the United Nations gesture for earmarking the International Day of Families to strengthen, leverage as well as address burning family issues affecting the institutions.

She added that”Children be protected from toxic families and environment, they need to be protected, nurtured and groomed in safe environment or homes. According to her, Toxicity in families is unhealthy if people are knowledgeable they will act better.

Uchegbu advised women who are facing domestic violence, to speak up, so they can be helped with relevant information, capacity and training especially the unarmed tactical self defence offered by the group.

According to her, Self defence is a proactive actionable tool for curbing the menace of physical attacks, assaults and violence faced by women especially girls and women with disabilities who are often more vulnerable.

“We deeply appreciate the GUTS-DA Grandmasters for empowering Deaf Teens where Self-defence is a lifeskill module towards empowering them for healthy productive adulthood.”

These women are also empowered with financial capability, financial literacy skills empowerment intervention through our platforms and partnership with SheCanWithICT where the women are trained to build website, create video for digital marketing, research and productivity tools to sustain their enterprise, career and network.

Uchegbu, added that no woman should be left behind if we consistently build a network of helping one another for a better society.

“We need the multi-sectoral approach to solving developmental challenges, using collective responsibility by all stakeholders to nurture and protect the child and girls against toxic relationships ” -she pointed.

Mr Segun lgbinedion, Grandmaster Global Unarmed Tactical self- Defense Association said empowering the girls, women and children with self- defense skills is necessary to curtail all forms of domestic violence.

According to him,”Our team will continue with programmes drills, tour across the schools, state and nation orientating women and communities on the value of self defence to prevent emotional pains and untimely deaths.”
lgbinedion urged the media to project the voices and issues of girls and women to reduce the vices of Gender Based Violence in our society.

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  • A child’s best protection against violence is a responsible and stable home.
    I propose a law that makes it compulsory for every father to be responsible for any child he caused to be born into the community.

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