Groups seek collaboration, new strategy to end violence against women

By Cleopatra Eki

Global Unarmed Tactical self- Defense Association [GUTS- DA] inconjunction with Frontline Pigin Radio WAZOBIA 95.1 FM Lagos, have organised a one -day free female gender self- defense empowerment for schools and community.

Mr Segun lgbinedion, founder and Grandmaster [GUTS- DA] said empowering the girls, women and children with self- defense skills is necessary to curtail all forms of domestic violence at the event held at D – Genius Group of schools Oku Ajah Lagos.

He disclosed that April and November months are slated to reduce lnternational Day of elimination of Violence, we regularly organise campaigns during that period to curb the vices.

“We observed from reports that COVID I9 pandemic brought spike in incidents of violence against girls and women as a result of confinements, schools closure, unemployment and hunger.”

According to him,the school project’s mission is to facilitate programme that will ensure the integration risk children and girls by creating self- defense skills to reduce vulnerabilities.

Igbinedion emphasized the need of studying any environment, shout for help, use self-defense in danger or escape when faced by abusers.

He added that women in Kenya and US are all empowering themselves with self-defense strategies against any voilence.The programme targets the vulnerable women and the youths.

Mr Augustine Nwabueze, Chief Executive officer D – Genius Group of schools said the self -defense strategies is essential for students and girls who are vulnerable especially with increase in insecurity, kidnapping, insurgency ravaging the country.

He disclosed that joining the 80 students in self-defense class have reinvigorated and elated him and recalled similar experience he got from a training in Police College years ago.

He noted that the training is timely and impactful, “it should be collective collaboration of the government, teachers and religious leaders to reduce the domestic violence, rape, sexual molestation among others.”
Mrs. Treasure Uchegbu, camp coordinator acknowledged the self-defense experts for empowering the women and special persons in various schools.

She advised people to act, start a movement, rather than watch abuse happen, standup, speak,intervene in harmful situation and assist others. Uchegbu urged government and stakeholders to do more from talking to transformation through action plans”.

WAZOBIA 95.1 FM Popular On- Air Personality radio, Ratata in his telephone call, appreciated the groups for impacting the students and society. According to him, media is partnering with group to stem the violence acts. He appealled to participants to make useful decisons with the skills.

Charles Ajayi, self defense instructor took them through the interactive workshop including breathing exercises, aerobic exercises, health and nutrition tips and Martial Arts skills among others. He advised the boys to care and not bully the girls, sisters and women but rather see them as familes and friends.

Mr Segun Fugbemide, Master of self defense coach, encouraged them to imbibe healthy exercises and develop good habits. He advised all the participants to be cautious with all the self defense skills acquired but only use them when in danger as last resort.

Speaking to one of the girls called Jennifer, “l learnt something new, mind-blowing and interesting.” According to her, l will practice and teach my friends and siblings these simple skills of self -defense.”I am leaving here a more confident, articulate and self- aware person.

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  • Indeed a woman who is able to defend herself will surely be less vulnerable to attack. There’s however the possibility that she herself may become the aggressor.

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