Madagascan President’s Chief-of-Staff Charged with Bribery in the UK

The chief-of-staff to the President of Madagascar, Romy Andrianarisoa, has been charged in the UK with seeking a bribe from a gem mining firm. Alongside her associate Philippe Tabuteau, Andrianarisoa is accused of offering the British company Gemfields licenses for mining operations in Madagascar in exchange for approximately £225,000.

The charges were related to their alleged involvement in soliciting bribes. Both individuals have been charged with the offenses of requesting, agreeing to receive, or accepting a bribe. Following their initial court appearance on Saturday, they were remanded in custody.

The accused, Romy Andrianarisoa, 46, and Philippe Tabuteau, 54, who is a French national, were also reportedly attempting to secure a 5% equity stake in any of Gemfields’ projects in Madagascar, according to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The charges revolve around allegations of corruption in relation to the mining sector, a critical industry for Madagascar’s economy. The allegations underscore the broader challenge of corruption that some countries face, impacting not only their domestic governance but also international business dealings.

As legal proceedings unfold, the case is expected to shed light on the extent of corruption within the political and economic spheres of Madagascar and raise questions about the accountability of high-ranking officials. The charges also highlight the ongoing global efforts to combat corruption and promote transparency in international business transactions.


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