Kenya: Cult Leader Accused of Murder Faces Charges as Families Collect Bodies for Reburial

Paul Mackenzie, a cult leader, is facing charges of murder after allegedly instructing his followers to starve themselves to death in order to meet Jesus. Authorities have begun DNA testing to identify bodies and reunite them with their families. On Tuesday, the first bodies were handed over to relatives, evoking strong emotions at the Malindi mortuary where some families were overwhelmed with grief.

Mackenzie and several of his associates were charged in February with the torture and murder of 191 children. Their trial is set to begin on April 23. Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki has declared Mackenzie’s Good News International Ministries a criminal organized group.

Prior to these charges, Mackenzie had been serving a separate one-year prison sentence for operating a film studio and producing films without a valid license. The Kenya Human Rights Commission recently criticized the police for failing to act on reports that could have prevented the deaths in the remote Shakahola area. Multiple reports had been filed at police stations by individuals concerned about relatives who had entered the forested area.

The case has shocked the nation and brought attention to the dangers posed by cults and the need for stricter enforcement of regulations surrounding such groups. As investigations continue and the trial approaches, authorities are working to ensure justice for the victims and their families while also taking measures to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Source: African News

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