Jehova’s Witnesses celebrate 100 years of courageous preaching in Nigeria

1921-2021: From Small Beginnings to Over 400,000 Publishers

By Cleopatra  Eki
The Witnesses in Nigeria and around the globe  gained courage as they consider the examples of brothers who courageously preached in Nigerian over the past 100 years—John 16:33.  Members of   Jehovah ‘s Witnesses  in Nigeria viewed the programme through  streaming  in  Efik, English, Igbo, Nigerian Sign Language, Pidgin (West Africa), and Yoruba languages.

Earlier, on December  2021, they opened a special museum exhibition at the branch office in Nigeria. Currently, the exhibition is only open to those serving at the Nigeria branch office, but will be open to visitors in the future.
Speaking, Brother Kehinde Adewale ,a member in French language congregation  said ” It is a privilege to come to know the true God, Jehovah, and a delight”.

He recalled, “I was enmeshed in the worship of Trinity in the former church I used to go.  But when I get in contact with  Jehovah’s Witnesses,  I was privileged to studied the Bible and found the truth that set men free. So, I got baptized in 1983, that is about 38years ago, since then I have been serving the true God Jehovah.

So, watching the 100 years of kingdom activity in Nigeria was an exciting experience “Expressing his gratitude, Adewale  said then when one could see how one had been contributing in little way to the progress. It brings a lot of joy.

For instance, when one had been preaching and one of the persons receive the truth and got baptized that is very encouraging. Adewale added that,” it is very encouraging to have shown courage alongside the organization. Indeed, watching the programme and listening to the experiences of older ones who have been in fore front of courageously preaching the kingdom message, we are encouraged. 

Another member, Brother Adeniyi Arimoro recounted that he  has spent only about 30years.”We are still young and holding onto the baton and still running the race for everlasting life. It’s a great honour living at these exciting times and experiencing the growth and development prophesied in the Bible. Arimoro  added  that “I have also learnt a lot especially on how to improve in cultivating godly qualities like humility and meekness. Drawing close to Jehovah and his amazing organization has also enabled me love the brotherhood the more.

Hence, I appreciate the harvesting work the more and I will try to participate in the preaching and teaching work as much as possible.  We as a family , will continue to thank Jehovah for his love and protection ” A Warri based member,(Delta State) Brother Bazi  said he  has spent 50years  in the organization and has served in  JW Bethel service and in various  local congregations. In a similar vein, Brother Gabriel  Mende who has spent 38yrs appreciated  Jehovah’s organization and  huge support from his late mother and beautiful wife.

The members  across Nigeria and globally through streaming have  watched  how a  small group of Jehovah’s Witnesses started the preaching work in Nigeria in 1921 on December 12, 2021.  The program consisted of a four part symposium titled: 100 years of courage  1921-1946-A Small Beginning-Standing firm under test 1947-1972-Period of increase 1973-1997-Courageous stand in modern times 1998-2021

The history was brought to life through interactive audio and video elements and displays of original historical artifacts.

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