ISIS-Affiliated Extremists Decapitate Pastor, Hand his wife Severed Head to Show Authorities in Mozambique

In the northern province of Cabo Delgado, Africa last week, suspected ISIS-linked extremists beheaded a pastor, then forced his wife to carry his severed head to police.

According to International Christian Concern (ICC), the pastor’s identity has not been released yet and he was a resident of the Nova Zambezia area.

Zimbabwe Daily also reported the incident, saying the pastor’s wife told police that “suspected Islamic State-linked insurgents intercepted the pastor in a field, decapitated him and then handed over his head to his wife and ordered her to inform the authorities.”

Following the pastor’s death, ISIS boasted that its affiliate had murdered dozens of security personnel and Christians, including westerners in what they called “Crusader nations.”

Islamic extremists have unleashed a reign of terror in northern Mozambique, leaving churches burned to the ground, people beheaded, and tens of thousands displaced and traumatized.

There have been reports in the media that there’s been a surge of people fleeing the area as the violence has steadily risen.

Drug cartels have also entered the area, making the lives of Christians difficult, especially for church youth workers. And the country’s army withdrew from various locations, expanding persecution within the last year.

Open Doors USA, an advocacy organization for persecuted Christians worldwide and the creator of the annual World Watch List ranks Mozambique as the 45th worst country for Christian persecution. [CBN]

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