GB Foods Nigeria, makers of Gino Tomato Paste, wins award for the Best Party Jollof Mix in Africa at 19th Akwaaba Travel Market

GB Foods Nigeria, the renowned makers of Gino Tomato Paste, has bagged the award for the Best Party Jollof Mix in Africa for the year 2022/23 at the recently concluded 19th Akwaaba Travel Market. Notably, this accomplishment coincided with the victory of Nneka Francisca Okoye, affectionately known as Chef Nikky, who emerged as the triumphant contestant in the fiercely competitive 5th edition of the Jollof Rice War.

L-R: Moyin Adebayo, Trade Category Manager Tomato GBFoods; Ikechi Uko, organiser Akwaaba; Foluke Femi-Sanda Senior Brand Manager GB Foods; Bright Mgbemele, Associate Brand Manager Mayonnaise GB Foods; Chika Opara, Associate Brand Manager Herbs and Spices GBFoods

The 3-day event, held in Lagos, was a source of immense joy for tourism enthusiasts from over 30 African countries as skilled chefs dazzled the audience with delectable Jollof Rice creations, with the secret ingredient being none other than the Gino Party Jollof Tomato Seasoning mix.

Foluke Femi-Sanda, Senior Brand Manager for Gino Tomato at GB Foods Nigeria, asserted that this award is a testament to the exceptional quality of products the brand consistently delivers to the Nigerian market. She further expressed the brand’s excitement and noted that this recognition will serve as a catalyst for the organization’s ongoing efforts to exceed expectations.

She remarked, “We are elated that Gino Party Jollof Tomato Mix has been crowned the Best Party Jollof Mix in Africa at the 19th African Travel Market.” “At GBfoods, we’ve come to appreciate the profound significance of relishing delicious cuisine. Moreover, we recognize how food can serve as a means to spotlight and strengthen our traditions, culture, roots, and the abundance of our homeland. We are committed to celebrating the local flavors that define our identity and continuing to facilitate people in savoring their favorite recipes, regardless of where they are in the world.”

Reflecting on her triumph in the 5th Jollof Rice War, the emotional Nneka Francisca Okoye, who impressed the judges with her Smokey Jollof Rice and Coconut Jollof Rice, emphasized that her initial prospects were seemingly dim, as she was underestimated by others at the start of the contest.

She conveyed her gratitude to the organizers of the 19th Akwaaba Travel Market for affording her the opportunity to showcase her culinary prowess on a global stage. Additionally, she extended her heartfelt appreciation to Gino Tomato Mix for the invaluable support extended to all the participating chefs throughout the event.

About GBfoods

GBfoods, a leading culinary company is present in more than 50 countries mostly  in Europe and Africa. They include Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, and Senegal, among others. We are proud of our well-known historical brands in each one of these countries, such as Jumbo, Bama, Gallina Blanca, Erasco, Gino, Liebig, Star, D&L, Grand’Italia and Blå Band, among others. Some of these dearly beloved brands have been in consumers’ kitchens for more than 150 years, to the point where they are now an integral part of the local culture.

At GBfoods our purpose is to take care of each of the local communities we belong to and to bring out and celebrate their authentic flavours. This means that every day, our products are part of the lives of millions of people around the world, which is not only a great privilege but a great responsibility.

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