FCTA Reclaims Over 100 Hectares of Land from Encroachers in Gosa District

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has taken decisive action against land encroachment, reclaiming over 100 hectares of land in Gosa District through a demolition exercise conducted by its Department of Development Control.

Mukhtar Galadima, the Director of the Department, disclosed that the exercise, conducted in collaboration with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other agencies, aimed to apprehend perpetrators involved in illegal land grabbing activities. Galadima emphasized the importance of curbing land grabbing cases to safeguard unsuspecting Nigerians from purchasing properties acquired through deceitful means.

This move reaffirms the FCTA’s commitment to addressing land encroachment incidents, with Galadima citing similar actions taken near the Idu train station last year. He assured that all illegal fences would be dismantled to prevent further encroachment.

The reclaimed land, initially allocated to a corporate entity for housing estates, had been illegally fenced off by encroachers. Galadima urged prospective land buyers to exercise due diligence by verifying land allocations with relevant government agencies, including the Department of Lands Administration, Development Control, and Urban and Regional Planning.

Dr. Peter Olumuji, the Secretary of Command and Control at FCTA, condemned land grabbers for their criminal activities, which include falsification of documents and altercations with authorities. He asserted that the eight persons arrested during the operation would face legal consequences.

The FCTA’s swift action underscores its commitment to protecting public land and ensuring transparency and accountability in land allocation processes. This initiative aims to safeguard the interests of genuine property owners and deter illicit land grabbing activities in the Federal Capital Territory.

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