Experts advocate Quality Education, Human Rights and Reforms

By Cleopatra Eki

The National. President Association for Childhood Education Practitioners (ACEP) Hajia Islamiat Oshodi  said “Education is a Fundamental Human Right that is Important for Sustainable Development. Education in its good effect, to some extent, has curbed inequalities, injustice, racism, and other forms of discrimination.

” She made the call at the commemoration of the 6th International Day of Education with a theme “Learning for Lasting Peace” held in Lagos.

In pursuance of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals of which Peace, Justice and Strong Institution- SDG 16 stands.

She added that “Education has become the Bridge that connects people and breaks down the wall of ignorance, paving the way for empathy and unity”.

ACEP has been committed to eradicate all inhibiting factors mitigating against the growth and development of the Nigerian Child in Partnership and actualization to the goals of the United Nations.

Oshodi stressed that the quality of education varies for children around the world, with millions still deprived of this basic human right. Charging them to have an open mind and willingness to learn about the experiences, cultures, and perspectives of others.
She appealed to stakeholders, Education experts and Captains of industries to support educational programs and recognizing the International Day of Education in communities and spaces.

Speaking Prof Asiwaju Adedibu Aderemi Abass, Board member Michael Alayode University, re-emphasized that inclusive and equitable quality Education includes Education on for and through human rights.

Abass pointed out that “”Education is a core pillar of both Formal and Non Formal education Hunan Rights Education (HRE) supports learners to develop knowledge Skill and attitudes that promote equality, dignity and respect for human rights in the communities, Society and worldwide without respect for human rights peace- even peace measures by absence of action conflict will not be realised.

Her Excellency Dame Abimbola Fashola, wife of former Lagos State governor observed that Education is also facing many challenges and opportunities in the 21st century. We live in a time of rapid and profound changes, driven by technology, globalisation and environmental issues.

“We need to ensure that education is inclusive, equitable, and quality for all, and that it responds to the needs and aspirations of the learners and the society. We need to foster lifelong learning opportunities for all, and to promote innovation and creativity in education.

In her words : We need to strengthen the links between education and other sectors, such as health, culture, and governance. We need to enhance the cooperation and dialogue among different actors and stakeholders in education, such as teachers, students, parents, policymakers, and civil society.

Fashola concluded that ” Education is our common treasure and our shared responsibility. Let us cherish it and nurture it, for ourselves and for the world”.

Country Representative of UNESCO, Ms Oyebukola Tomori Adeyeye advised the children on the the importance of Educaton and benefits.

According to UNESCO’s recommendation on Education for Peace, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development Underlines the importance of education, which must be transformative and contribute to equipping learners with the knowledge, values, attitudes, skills, and behaviors needed to become agents of peace and development in their communities.

Oluwatoyin Towobola, a member of the Coalition, ln NACCRAN Good will message, appreciated the collaboration and partnership. “We are using the opportunity to inform the organisers that NACCRAN Lagos will like to be part of your programs at the community levels as partners.

The highpoint of the event,students present at the event were Masterguide School, The Learning Nursery &. Primary school,Great Learners Academy, New Day Medals school, Great Estacy School, Edana School and Glatet school.

The Primary schools students were given jotters writing materials and water bottles while the Secondary School Students were given Mathematical sets along with their writing materials with a lot of foods cake and drinks.

Among others present at event were Country Representative United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), The Country Representative United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) ACEP Chairman, Academic Advisory Board, education experts Teachers and others

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