19th Adekunle Memorial Lecture: National Institution of Surveyors Commend Government on GDP Growth, Call For Infrastructure development

Stakeholders and professionals in the Land and Surveying industry at the just concluded 19th Edition of the Adekunle Kukoyi Memorial Lecture have emphasized the critical role of infrastructure in economic development.

Celebrating the life and times of the late Surveyor Pa Adekunle Kukoyi with the theme “Going Somewhere from Everywhere, the unending search for sustainable Economic Development”, speakers at the event while acknowledging the effortrs of the government in stabilising the economy urged on the need for the question of infrastructure challenges to be addressed by government. as this will change the narrative of Nigeria’s economic growth, especially in the face of the Naira’s depreciation against the dollar.

The role of Surveyors as pivotal players in economic growth and development indeed cannot indeed be over emphasised as they identify potential industrial sites, foster job creation, provide accurate land measurements and as well contribute to the Agriculture sector by determining farm boundaries.

The Adekunle Kukoyi Memorial Lecture, serving as a platform for discussing national issues and proffering solutions, addressed the theme “Going Somewhere from Everywhere: The Search for Sustainable Economic Development in Nigeria.”

Mrs. Essie Kukoyi, Wife of the late Surveyor Adekunle Kukoyi

The lecture featured insights from the guest speaker Professor Oludiran Akinleye , a Professor of Economics from the University of Lagos who emphasized the necessity for the government to establish sustainable development goals to propel the nation forward in its pursuit of growth.

This, according  to him is imperative if Nigeria  is to advance in its quest for inclusive growth, navigate economic uncertainties, and build a resilient foundation for the future.

The prevailing economic climate, including the Naira’s decline against the dollar, heightened the urgency of addressing issues related to sustainable development.

The role of quality leadership was also highlighted  as key to growth in any economy with speakers reflecting on the life of the late Surveyor Adekunle kukoyi.

The event concluded with a collective call for collaborative efforts between the government and stakeholders to propel the nation towards a path of enduring economic prosperity.
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