European NGO Worker Arrested in Central African Republic for Threatening State Security

Central African Republic law enforcement authorities have detained Martin Joseph Figueira, a European employee of the US-based NGO FHI 360, on charges of threatening state security and inciting revolt against security forces. Figueira was arrested on May 25 following a thorough investigation by CAR authorities.

In a statement broadcasted on state television, the public prosecutor revealed that Figueira, who holds both Belgian and Portuguese passports, was allegedly in contact with armed groups conspiring to overthrow the government. The arrest has drawn attention from both his employer and the Portuguese government.

FHI 360 has issued a brief statement acknowledging Figueira’s detention but did not provide further details. Meanwhile, the Portuguese government has announced that it is closely monitoring the situation. Representatives, including the Honorary Consul to the Central African Republic, have been dispatched to visit Figueira and ensure his well-being.

Observers have described this high-profile arrest as one that underscores the tense security situation in the Central African Republic and the scrutiny faced by foreign workers and organizations operating within the country.

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