Community in Nigeria Celebrates Return and Regrowth after Boko Haram Attack

The Rebuilding Ngarannam project is part of a hearts-and-minds stabilization program in the northeast, the region worst affected by the insurgency. It provides new and dignified living spaces to resettle people internally displaced by Boko Haram.

The regional government announced plans in January to close IDP camps and resettle displaced persons by the end of the year.

Ngarannam will receive 804 houses in total as part of the partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and the Borno State Government, (UNDP) according to a spokesperson for the agency.

The government has planned 304 houses in total, while the UN agency is building a further 500, 360 of which were unveiled on Saturday.

Similar rebuilding is planned across the worst-affected parts of the northeast, the UNDP said. The buildings are inspired by the Islamic lifestyle and culture and the security of the residents was taken into consideration in the design. Construction began in August 2021 and the homes are being handed over just over a year later.

The village has been reconstructed with a primary school, teachers’ quarters, a police outpost and residence, and solar powered water facilities, according to the UNDP. (CNN)

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