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Burna Boy: British woman who said Burna Boy only sold out 12,000 seats at the O2 retracts her statement, says number isn’t official

On August 28, 2021, British violinist, Diane Aidenbaum, who supported Burna Boy‘s show posted a since edited caption on her Instagram page [@dianeviolin] that the Grammy-winning Nigerian superstar, performed in front of an incredible 12,000 people.

A day later, Burna Boy took to his story to brag that, “I sold out the O2 by myself, at prices that I wanted. The way I wanted. Never talk too much, just show action.

This led to a riposte on social media that Odogwu didn’t actually sell out the O2, which comes with a 20,000 capacity. After the circus of August 31, 2021, Aidenbaum has now issued a retraction of her statement. She has also deleted the caption where she said Burna Boy only sold 12,000 slots. She also intimates that O2 capacity depends on size of the stage during these COVID times, with restrictions in place.

She has also posted a new video from the Burna Boy’s August 28 event with a caption that reads, “I would like to clarify again that I have no idea how many people were at the O2 Arena, it was a stupid estimation, it is not the real number. The O2 capacity depend of the size of the stage and if it’s during COVID regulations.

“I never got the real number from no one. I didn’t think people would even stop on that. I am not part of the organization to know anything about how many people bought tickets. Everyone had a fight over a fake number. Just because you wanted it to be true.

“I deleted the 12000 because you all started getting crazy in here for nothing ??? all of you made me change my post. The concert was amazing and looked completely full. That’s all. That is what I can see from the stage, it looks full with people.

“Everyone who made such a big fuzz out of this please take a screen shot of this post as well and share it everywhere.”

According to the O2’s official website, Burna Boy’s Twice As Tall event will be the first event in The Welcome Back Show series which also features Ministry of Sound Classical November 13, 2021 and UK comedian Mo Gilligan + Friends with ‘The Black British Takeover’ on December 8, 2021.[Pulseng]

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