Artificial Intelligence: Experts caution ‘Not a replacement for human judgment’

Tech Experts in the Country have urged Nigerians on the need to take full advantage of evolving technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) while cautioning that it is not a replacement for human judgment. This formed part of conversations driven around the subject at the just concluded ICTEL Expo 2023.

Panelists at the event highlighted the benefits of AI such as increase in productivity and efficiency in businesses and organizations as it automates repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up human resources to focus on more creative and strategic endeavors. Data Analysis, Enhanced Customer Service, Personalization, Healthcare Advancement, Natural Language processing, Fraud detection and Scientific Research are amongst benefits of AI discussed by the Panelists.

Held at the Landmark event center Lagos, the event featured insightful keynote speeches and panel discussions by Policy makers, Industry leaders and experts who shared their vision for the future of technology and its potential to drive positive change in an economy.

President of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Dr. Michael Olawale Cole while speaking with AV1 News on the theme of this year’s expo “Tech Disrupt:  Transforming Industries with Innovation” described digital economy as one that drives supply chain competitiveness, cost-efficiency, and resilience via innovation.

“ICTEL has given so much to the world globally when you talk about contribution to the economy and the way we live, doing business and everything. So what we do is to celebrate that sector, promote them and let government know that’s an area they should look into seriously. If we want to grow our GDP and make more contributions to our economy.”

The event also served as a catalyst for fostering collaborations, sparking new ideas, and propelling the ICTEL industry forward. A significant emphasis was placed on addressing the digital divide ensuring that underprivileged communities gain access to technology and the internet. Discussions centered on policy frameworks, public-private partnerships, and innovative solutions to bridge this gap.

Managing Director Galaxy Backbone Professor Muhammad Abubakar, who gave a Keynote Speech at the event, shed light on the company’s relentless efforts to safeguard businesses and government institutions from the ever-evolving cyber threats. He emphasized the critical role of robust cyber security measures in an era where digitalization has become an integral part of almost every business operation.

”The term disruption often carries negative connotations primarily because it taps into the innate human resistance to change. However, disruption is not synonymous with competition. Instead, it represents a fundamental transformation within the entire industries. Therefore, embracing disruption is essential to progress especially in this fast-paced technology Industry.

“Failing to embrace disruption in today’s market can lead towards being left behind while the world progresses towards more advanced and efficient technologies.  To stay relevant, it is crucial to keep up with trends, and seek ways to improve processes for the better. Viewing ‘Disruption’ as a valuable tool for your business, becomes essential.” He said.

Vice President Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and Chairman Trade Promotion Board Leye Kupoluyi speaking on the theme of the event described the need for improved technological development as one that has been a top priority for the LCCI since its inception in 1888.

“If you look at what we are doing this year which is the 135th anniversary of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce, we started in 1888 and happily enough we started with ‘Tech Disruption’, because sometime in 1896, Lagos Chamber of Commerce was at the Forefront of advocating for Electricity in Nigeria. Mind you, there was no Nigeria in 1888, there was only Lagos, and that was the beginning of Electricity development in Nigeria.”

As the world continues to evolve through technology, the expo’s endeavors to connect the unconnected and promote responsible and inclusive innovation will undoubtedly continue to influence the global tech landscape.

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