Akwa Ibom state celebrates developmental milestones at 35

The kind of future one is going to have is often said to be determined by what one is doing today.
So to set the future in motion, there must be deliberate plan for sustainable health, food security, social security & economic liberation, all hinged on nature which everyone calls God. That exactly is what governor  Udom Emmanuel of the Oil rich state of Akwa Ibom state is doing.

In commemoration of the state’s 35th anniversary, we took a look at the milestones the seemingly quiet driver of the state has achieved since the last seven years.

The development of Akwa Ibom state meets you from the airport particularly with the on-going construction of the Maintenance Repair and overhaul for aircrafts (MRO) to the smooth, potholes and traffic-free Network of roads, to Dakkada tower, coconut oil refinery, the green house, flour mill and the syringe factory, amongst others. It is no gain saying that Akwa Ibom state referred to as as the land of promise, is fast becoming the future economic hub of Nigeria.

The contractor in charge of the MRO facility took us round and spoke with us on what they’re doing. The beautiful roads that greeted us outside the airport made us wonder if Nigeria’s just got another state capital.

The late American agronomist, Norman Ernest Borlaug said civilization as is it known today could not have evolved nor can it survive without an adequate food supply & we believe governor Udom Emmanuel saw same vision when in 2017 he established the Uyo green house which sits on gigantic hectares of land.


Although Akwa Ibom state is currently Nigeria’s largest oil producing state accounting for about 31.4 percent according to statistics by daily tips finder, governor Ibom has taken his eyes off the natural national resource of crude oil and has envisioned the state by itself generating great revenue from exportation of coconut oil with the establishment of St. Gabriel coconut refinery.

The flour mill is not an exception to the contribution of food security in the state by this admission. Another awe striking project by the administration of Governor Udom is the Dakkada Tower which undoubtedly buttresses the fact that the future is already in motion for the state.

It is heartwarming also to see that Nigeria is growing beyond just the production of food crops consumption or medical materials but now, looking inwards to produce medical tools.

The JSM Syringe company in Uyo, is a testimony. The infectious disease control center meets international standards and not just a set up of canopies.

If every state of the federation has such a a technocrat  and team who are more interested in all round sustainable development and not power or money, then development becomes seamless and patriotism unquestioned.

So, if you care to take off the financial pressure of traveling abroad for your next holidays and care about good food and a calming environment, then, think Akwa Ibom state, the land of promise, the land of the future.

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