US and Nigeria Implement ‘Open Skies’ Air Transport Agreement After 24 Years

The United States and Nigeria have officially begun the implementation of an ‘open skies’ air transport agreement, nearly 24 years after the bilateral deal first commenced provisional application. The US Embassy announced the milestone in a statement on its website over the weekend, highlighting the establishment of a modern civil aviation relationship between the two nations.

The agreement aligns with the US Open Skies international aviation policy, which promotes high standards of aviation safety and security. Key provisions of the deal include unrestricted capacity and frequency of flights, open route rights, a liberal charter regime, and extensive code-sharing opportunities.

“The US-Nigeria Air Transport Agreement marks a significant step forward in liberalising the international civil aviation sector in Africa,” the statement noted. It emphasized that the bilateral agreement strengthens the robust economic and commercial partnership between the US and Nigeria, fosters people-to-people ties, and creates new opportunities for airlines, travel companies, and customers.

With the implementation of the US-Nigeria Air Transport Agreement, air carriers from both countries can now offer more affordable, convenient, and efficient air services to travelers and shippers. This move is expected to promote tourism and commerce by minimizing government interference and maximizing operational flexibility for airlines, thereby fostering a competitive and consumer-friendly aviation environment.

The agreement’s implementation is a major development for the aviation sectors of both countries, promising to enhance connectivity and economic collaboration while providing significant benefits to travelers and businesses alike.

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