Understanding why you are in business by Bunmi Oke CEO, 141 Worldwide

There are many  reasons why people get into business. Most people get into business just to secure some extra income to take care of their many needs. Some do so just to raise some money and handle a one-time problem. Such businesses hardly amount to anything big.

Business men and women are arguably the richest persons on the globe. They rule this world with the money they make. From Saudi Arabia to Mexico, Spain to USA, Nigeria to China; from the Bill Gates of Microsoft to the Larry Ellison of ORACLE to the Ingvar Kamprad of IKEA to the Aliko Dangote of Dangote Group and to the Slim Carlos of Telecom, etc, it is evident that business men and women rule this world.

This interview features Marketing Communications Expert Bunmi Oke as she sheds light on the question why people go into business. Speaking with Vivian Akinyosoye on 101 Business, she sheds light on the fact that people should understand why they are goin into business first before launching out in the first place.

There is indeed more to gain in starting up your own business.  Whether it is for the wrong reasons or not, what matters most is that whatever drives you into starting off must be so strong that it mates you succeed at it. If what drives you is not strong enough, you will quit have way before you even enter the market.

However, if  meeting a need in the market is the only thing that drives you, then you will not really go too far, Because it takes much more than this to grow a business. You must have a reason  for staying on even when every one else is quitting.

Some are in business in order to get freedom, Freedom indeed. No, you do not get freedom to do what ever you like and whenever you want. You do get freedom alright, but it is to do the right thing at the right time. And if you think freedom means more time to yourself, you will soon discover 24 hours a day is  never enough for each day.


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