Traditional Rulers must help protect Nigeria’s unity says Emir of Borgu kingdom

Mai Borgu, Emir of Borgu, Barrister Muhammad Sani Haliru Dantoro, has appealed to traditional rulers and concerned elders to help maintain peace and security in their various domains, noting that the welfare and security of the people are primarily the responsibility of traditional institutions and thrones.

Disturbed at the heightened political irritations in the country, the Mai Borgu, a lawyer, warned that political differences should not stoke any type of ethno religious and cultural differences, adding that Nigeria’s diversity reigns Supreme, and must be protected and guided to sustain national peaceful coexistence.

” As traditional rulers, we must be seen as father to all Nigerians and therefore, should help douse tensions either political or religious which may put our people in harms way. It is indeed sacrosanct, a Catholic creed that we encourage our leaders and children to find ways to resolve their political or social differences without setting the country ablaze” His Royal Highness explained.

To put the current political situation in the country in perspective, the Mai Borgu, Kitoro IV, disclosed that all post electoral differences in the country, have always been tabled before the Courts of the Land and which deepens legal and democratic processes, desirable to promote Nigerian democracy and aid national socio-economic development.

The Royal father, explained further that failure of traditional rulers to intervene and caution temperance and circumspection to the political community in Nigeria, will spill unnecessary tension and confusion.

” As Nigerian traditional rulers, we must get our bearings right and find ways to let our children who are into politics play by the rules. You win, bring everyone close to support developmental programmes and if you lose, and feel not satisfied or aggrieved, the courts of the lands are there, and no doubt, that will encourage peace and national cohesion, instead of letting political disagreements get out of hands, the Emir emphasized.

He revealed his intentions to reach out and mobilize his fellow crown heads across the country, but beginning with the Borgu kingdom where he called a meeting of all district heads and chiefs to reach out to the political elites, irrespective of party affiliations to tow lines of democratic processes and engagements, and also to maintain peace and harmonious co-existence.

He added, ”The President elect who is a prominent traditional title holder of Borgu kingdom, the Jagaban Borgu, now Jagaban of Nigeria by God grace, needs our prayers and support, particularly to turn around the  fortunes of this country, secure it and make it a democratic reference point in Africa. I believe he is capable as Jagaban Borgu and has the experience to quickly fix this country in all areas of our development index, and look forward to his peaceful inauguration come may 29th”. The Mai Borgu further stated.

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