Tiwa Savage and Meji Alabi Extend Collaboration Beyond Music Videos with Debut Feature Film


Popular Nigerian superstar Tiwa Savage and her prolific video director Meji Alabi have embarked on an exciting new venture, unveiling their inaugural feature film after years of successful collaboration in the realm of music videos.

Their partnership, which has produced visually captivating narratives to complement Tiwa Savage’s musical repertoire, has now transcended into the realm of cinema with the release of their first feature-length production. Stemming from their joint effort to create striking visuals for Savage’s EP, ‘Water and Garri,’ the dynamic duo recognized an opportunity to expand their creative horizons and craft a narrative that extends far beyond the confines of a music video.

The transition from music videos to feature film marks a significant milestone in both Savage and Alabi’s careers, solidifying their positions as innovative forces within the entertainment industry. With their collective expertise and artistic vision, they aim to deliver a cinematic experience that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

While details about the plot and thematic elements of the film remain under wraps, anticipation is mounting among fans and industry insiders alike. Given Savage and Alabi’s track record for pushing boundaries and delivering visually stunning content, expectations are high for their foray into feature filmmaking.

Speaking about their collaboration, Tiwa Savage expressed her excitement about venturing into a new creative realm alongside Alabi, whose visionary approach has consistently elevated her music videos to new heights. Likewise, Meji Alabi emphasized the opportunity to explore storytelling in a more expansive format and showcase their collective talent on a larger stage.

As news of their debut feature film spreads, fans eagerly await further updates and announcements regarding its release date, casting, and plot details. With Tiwa Savage and Meji Alabi at the helm, this cinematic endeavor promises to be a captivating journey into uncharted territory for both artists, setting the stage for future collaborations and artistic innovations.


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