Tiger Woods has ‘zero issues’ with repaired ankle but other injury problems remain

Tiger Woods has stated that his surgically repaired right ankle is free of any issues, although he continues to face other injury concerns.

47-year-old American golfer has been sidelined since being forced to withdraw from the third round of the Masters tournament in April due to injury.

Following a previous fracture in the joint, Woods underwent fusion surgery on a bone in his ankle to address post-traumatic arthritis.

Woods informed the Associated Press that he no longer experiences any pain in the fused ankle and has encountered no complications whatsoever. However, he still encounters difficulties in the surrounding areas, which have been problematic in the past and remain so.

Addressing one issue can result in other areas becoming more mobile to compensate, potentially leading to further complications.

Earlier this month, Woods was seen caddying for his son Charlie during the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship, which left him feeling quite sore after four days.

Expressing gratitude for the flat course, Woods explained that playing with his son has been a recurring theme in recent years, including participation in the PNC Championship, an exhibition tournament where major champions play alongside their children or parents.

The upcoming tournament will take place from December 14th to 17th, and if Woods decides to participate, he will have the option of using a cart instead of walking the course.

In October, Woods and professional golfer Rory McIlroy launched an indoor “high-tech league,” and the American recently announced his co-ownership of Jupiter Links Golf Club, one of the league’s teams, with plans to play for them when the league commences in January 2024. Source: BBC.

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