Technology important tool in advancing transportation industry – Commissioners’ Forum

Nigeria Transportation Commissioners’ Forum has reiterated the importance of technology in advancing the country’s transportation industry.

The Executive Secretary of the forum, Mrs Chinwe Uwaegbute, said this at the on-going National Conference of Directors/Chief Road Traffic Officers of the Federation, held in Kogi.

Uwaegbute, in a statement issued on Wednesday, said the significant change in transportation technologies over the years had completely overturned the status quo and have had lasting impacts on the industry.

According to her, traffic management is becoming more secure, while collecting traffic data has never been easy, with Advanced Driver Assistance System helping in providing safe and relaxed driving experience.

”Technological innovations have made it easy to analyse traffic in real time, providing 100 per cent accurate data in all traffic conditions.

”This helps to save time and cost, and, of course, boosts internally-generated revenue for planning and development.

”With the introduction of technology, it has become an easy task for the traffic authorities to recognise licence plates.

”It is a real-time based system for tracking and identification of vehicles by capturing and analysing live camera feed.

”The automated information resource of the system adds a vital component in the decision-making process for various applications in access control, parking and visitor management, traffic surveys and tolling systems,” she said.

Uwaegbute stressed that continents and countries of the world, including Africa, had, over time, leveraged various technologies for the implementation of laws, rules and regulations governing their respective motor vehicle administrations and enforcement.

”Through this, they have built reliable data base that will assist in making informed decision, resources planning, management and allocation globally,” she said.

Uwaegbute recalled that in 2018, the Lagos government had challenged its ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) to develop a clear-cut operational model, driven by technology.

She said upon implementation, the technology-enhanced safety and security of lives and property had increased its generated revenue by plugging loopholes and stimulating the operational standards of other stakeholders.

” It is pertinent to state that Lagos, its counterparts and other countries across the globe, would not have achieved this landmark record without the various technologies.

”The strategic measures put in place have also helped to curb the increasing disregard of traffic rules and regulations in the state as well as ensuring consistency and prompt service delivery.

”It is appropriate to note that there is more to gain from motor vehicle administration in our various states than what is currently obtainable.

”These include services, such as: weigh bridge system, hackney permit, drivers testing services, automation and issuance of rider’s card for tricycle and motorcycle, among others.

“These are largely untapped by most states, with subsequent revenue loss in millions, if not billions,” Uwaegbute said.

The executive secretary said for sanity, safety, security and standards to prevail on the roads, everyone should be considered as a stakeholder, as the road was a shared asset by all and sundry.

“It is, therefore, imperative that as government, we should deploy concerted efforts, leveraging on technology, especially with regards to motor vehicle administration and regulations, in line with best practices,” she said.

This, according to the executive secretary, will place the country on the global map of vehicle regulation and road safety and security compliance, with attendant benefits of increased revenue generation for national planning and economic development. (NAN)

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