Swimming Takes Center Stage as Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Games Continue

The atmosphere at Package B of the Moshood Abiola National Stadium complex, Abuja, was electric as swimmers dove into the pool for the 2024 Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Games (NOGIG). While various events unfolded across the sports arena, it was the swimming competition that captured the spotlight, drawing spectators from participating contingents to the stands in anticipation of thrilling races.

In the men’s 50 meters breaststroke heats, 54-year-old Hendrik Smith, representing NLNG, delivered an impressive performance, finishing second despite recent surgery and limited training time. Smith expressed optimism about his ability to compete and praised his achievement against a strong field of competitors. He also voiced NLNG’s determination to secure victory, a feat they have yet to accomplish in the history of the games.

Meanwhile, Shola Ayemo of Chevron dominated his heat, clinching the first position with confidence. Ayemo, a gold medalist from the previous NOGIG, declared his intention to defend his title, sending a warning to his rivals that he remains a force to be reckoned with.

In tennis, the competition progressed to the semi-finals stage, featuring exciting matchups. Bere Barienea representing Chevron secured a spot in the semi-finals after defeating Fola Olanubi of NCDMB. Barienea is set to face off against Awin Ganjang of NNPC Ltd. In the other semi-final match, Nweke Simon of PTI will vie for a spot in the final against Ibika Williams of NNPC.

Elsewhere, the Indoor Sports Hall buzzed with activity as table tennis players battled it out throughout the day. In the women’s team event, SEPLAT asserted dominance by defeating SHELL 3-0, while ExxonMobil secured victory against Total Energies with the same scoreline. PTI also emerged victorious over Chevron.

In the men’s category, SEPLAT, Shell, NLNG, and Chevron showcased their prowess by advancing after securing 3-0 victories against NNPC, NUPRC, NCDMB, and Total Energies, respectively.

As the NOGIG unfolds, athletes continue to demonstrate their skill, determination, and competitive spirit across various sporting disciplines, captivating audiences and setting the stage for thrilling encounters in the quest for glory.

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