Stakeholders advocate for digital education and inclusion for the visually impaired

By Cleopatra Eki

Members of the Federal Nigeria Society FNSB, have announced plans to upgrade learning systems of visually impaired as part of an efforts to meet the relevance of technology and as well groom young persons into the society.

Mr Fusi Akinkugbe , FNSB New Council Chairman disclosed this at the 64th Annual General Meeting held in Oshodi Lagos.

He added that FNSB will continue to embark on updating digital learning and smart class in line with current trends to empower the special persons.

”Technology is the in-thing, relevant to academic, businesses and Vocational skills. Digital skills had become imperative since work, social activities and access to core service are now being done through electronic devices. These require collective effort because the pandemic affected all fabrics of economies of the entire world. ”

He noted that the new normal would continue to change the way learning is done and increase total dependence on Information CommunicationsTechnology which learning institutions must key into.

Akinkugbe charged the media to enlighten and sensitize the public about the plights of people with disablities and how to support them through donations and volunteerism. According to him, these volunteers would add to their experiences and boost humanitarian service.

Speaking to the out- going Chairman, Engineer Gbola Sobande added that Information Communications Technology department has special programmes and software that empower students with disabilities to be relevant and abreast with latest innovation.

He disclosed that FNSB has several social media platforms Tweeter, Instagram, U -Tube, Facebook, among others to showcase all FNSB and Vocational Training Center activities.

Sobande appealed to individuals organizations and governments to employ more persons with disabilities
because they are focused, honest and productive.

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