“Shanty Dwellers Along Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road Won’t Be Compensated, Only Permanent Structures Eligible” – Minister of Works

In a stakeholders’ meeting on the Lagos-Calabar 700-kilometre coastal road project, the Minister of Works, David Umahi, asserted that shanty dwellers and caravan owners along the shorelines will not be compensated by the federal government. Umahi clarified that only individuals with permanent structures would be eligible for compensation during the planned demolition.

Addressing property owners seeking compensation for the planned demolition of houses along the coastal highway project, Umahi emphasized that the federal government’s compensation would be directed solely to those with permanent structures. He underscored the distinction between temporary and permanent dwellings, stating that only the latter would qualify for compensation.

Umahi further revealed the extensive scope of infrastructure projects inherited from the past administration, totaling over 2,600 projects. He highlighted the current government’s efforts to consolidate and prioritize infrastructure milestones, integrating these projects into the 2024 agenda for streamlined execution and completion.

Acknowledging the funding challenges faced by the Ministry of Works, Umahi disclosed a funding gap of N2.7 trillion. Despite this shortfall, he affirmed the president’s commitment to bridging the gaps through prudent financial management to drive project completion nationwide.

During an inspection of the ongoing Lagos-Calabar coastal road project, Umahi reiterated the government’s determination to see the project through to completion. He disclosed that the project’s estimated cost stands at N15.356 trillion and projected completion within eight years.

“We will manifest all the projects towards completion,” Umahi affirmed, highlighting the inclusion of the Lagos-Calabar coastal road project in the 2024 Appropriation budget. He assured stakeholders of the government’s dedication to executing infrastructure initiatives outlined in the budget.

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