President Tinubu Implements Stringent Cost-Cutting Measures, Slashes Travel Expenses by 60%

In a bid to foster fiscal responsibility and align with the principles of prudence and cost management, President Bola Tinubu announced a significant reduction in his travel expenses and the number of officials accompanying him on both domestic and foreign trips. This directive extends to the offices of the Vice President, as well as the First Lady and the wife of the Vice President.

President Tinubu emphasized the need to curb government wastage and reduce recurrent expenditure during a statement made yesterday. He declared, “The notion that government officials will be allowed to conduct their affairs in a way that is different from what we are asking of Nigerian citizens with respect to prudence and cost management, those days are over.”

Under the new cost-cutting measures, President Tinubu outlined that only 20 individuals would be permitted to accompany him on any official foreign trip. Similarly, the number of officials accompanying the Vice President and the wives of both the President and the Vice President on international journeys is capped at five individuals each.

For domestic trips within the country, the President approved a reduced entourage of 25 persons for his office, 15 for the Vice President, and 10 for the office of the First Lady. The move is seen as an effort to streamline delegations and rein in the escalating costs associated with allowances and estacodes, including security details, for officials traveling from Abuja.

Presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale provided further clarity on the initiative, stating that the primary objective is to trim down the substantial bills incurred during official trips. The cost-cutting measures reflect President Tinubu’s commitment to leading by example and fostering a culture of financial prudence within the government.

As Nigeria continues to navigate economic challenges, these measures signal a proactive approach by the government to address concerns related to expenditure and demonstrate a commitment to more efficient and responsible financial management.


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