Phonologist Calls for More Diction Teachers to Enhance Spoken English in Nigeria

A phonologist and Chief Executive Officer of Bergson Education and Communication Enterprise, Rosberg Esobeonu has called for increased presence of diction teachers in Nigerian Schools to enhance the proficiency of spoken English amongst Nigerian students. She was speaking at an education forum held in Lekki, Lagos where she highlighted the prevalent challenges hindering effective acquisition of spoken English  among children.

Esobeonu emphasized the crucial role of proper pronunciation and intonation in spoken English, noting a lack of encouragement at home and in classrooms as a significant barrier. She expressed concern that children often face ridicule and distractions from peers, impeding their linguistic development.

To address these challenges, Esobeonu urged school authorities and owners to mandate diction training courses for teachers. She commended the efforts of the Lagos State government in the education sector but suggested further initiatives, including the employment of diction teachers, especially in primary schools across the state.

Highlighting the issue of unqualified diction teachers, Esobeonu stressed the necessity of employing educators with relevant qualifications or training. She outlined the criteria for a qualified diction teacher, emphasizing the importance of a background in English language, mass communication, or related fields, or certification from accredited trainers.

Recognizing the scarcity of qualified trainers in Nigeria, Esobeonu encouraged individuals to utilize resources such as Google to locate reputable instructors or consult organizations like Bergson Education and Communication Enterprise, which specializes in English diction and speech therapy training.

While acknowledging Pidgin English as a legitimate language, Esobeonu cautioned against its early acquisition, citing its potential to hinder proficiency in standard English. She offered practical suggestions for improving diction, including consistent practice, transcription of words from standard dictionaries, and exposure to qualified English speakers through various media platforms.

In conclusion, Esobeonu extended an invitation for individuals interested in becoming diction instructors or seeking improvement in spoken English to engage with Bergson Education and Communication Enterprise. With a commitment to enhancing linguistic skills, Esobeonu’s advocacy aims to foster a culture of linguistic excellence in Nigeria.

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