Peru’s President Dina Boluarte Accused of Accepting Bribes Amid Corruption Scandal

Peru’s President Dina Boluarte faces accusations of accepting bribes in the form of luxury Rolex watches, adding to the corruption scandal engulfing her administration. The allegation was made by Attorney General Juan Carlos Villena, who claims that Boluarte received the items from Ayacucho’s regional governor, Wilfredo Oscorima, as bribes.

Villena presented a constitutional complaint against Boluarte, accusing her of “passive corruption.” The scandal initially broke in March following the discovery of undeclared luxury watches and jewelry in Boluarte’s possession. Boluarte defended herself last month, stating the Rolex watches were on loan from Oscorima, a personal friend.

Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen criticized the accusation as a “persecution” of Boluarte, describing it as improper and unconstitutional. “This is nothing more than an example of the systematic persecution in fiscal matters that is carried out against the president in an improper, unconstitutional, and illegal manner,” Adrianzen told Canal N.

The accusation, which has been presented to Congress, does not constitute an indictment due to Boluarte’s presidential immunity. A congressional committee will debate the complaint before it goes to the full chamber. Ultimately, the courts will decide whether to put Boluarte on trial after her term ends in July 2026.

Boluarte, who has an approval rating of just 12% according to an Ipsos poll, lacks a political party in Congress and must rely on conservative support. She assumed office in December 2022 after the impeachment and imprisonment of her predecessor, Pedro Castillo, for attempting to dissolve Congress.

Additionally, Boluarte is under investigation for “genocide, homicide, and serious injuries” linked to the deaths of over 50 protesters during a crackdown on demonstrations calling for her resignation and new elections.

Peru, plagued by chronic political instability, has seen six presidents in the past eight years. The unfolding scandal further complicates Boluarte’s already tumultuous tenure.

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