PDP Chieftain Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Define Deputy Governor’s Role

A prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and gubernatorial candidate for the upcoming Ondo election Agboola Ajayi, has advocated for a constitutional amendment to clarify the duties of deputy governors in Nigeria.

Ajayi emphasized the need for the National Assembly to address the ambiguous nature of the deputy governor’s role, often referred to as a “spare tyre” in the political landscape.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Ajayi highlighted the limitations faced by deputy governors, who typically operate at the discretion of their principals without clearly defined responsibilities. He stressed the importance of amending the law to grant deputy governors a distinct constitutional role, thereby enhancing their relevance as part of the joint ticket.

The fractious relationships between governors and their deputies in Nigeria’s political history underscore the urgency of clarifying the deputy governor’s mandate. Instances of power struggles and accusations of usurpation have frequently marred these partnerships, with some deputies even being replaced before the end of their terms.

Ajayi’s proposal comes amidst a broader conversation about redefining the dynamics between governors and their deputies. He pledged to transform this relationship if elected governor of Ondo State, promising to actively involve his deputy in governance to ensure their meaningful contribution.

Asserting his commitment to addressing the recurring crises between governors and deputies, Ajayi outlined plans to strengthen the deputy governor’s office and maximize its effectiveness. He dismissed concerns of power usurpation, emphasizing his intention to foster collaboration and inclusivity within the government structure.

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