One of the Few Politicians Standing Up for the Rights of Zimbabweans

Whether through her work as a lawyer doing civil, constitutional and matrimonial litigation, or in politics as the National Spokesperson of the main opposition, the MDC Alliance, Fadzayi Mahere stands out as a high-profile, professional Zimbabwean woman using her voice to make a difference.

But that means the 36-year-old Cambridge University graduate has not escaped the notice of Zimbabwe’s oppressive political apparatus.

In the span of her political career, she has been arrested four times. Last year she was arrested for calling for an improved health care system and then following that arrest, she was sent to Chikurubi Maximum Security prison for retweeting a tweet advocating against police brutality.

In spite of these efforts to deter her, Mahere soldiers on and her communications as opposition spokesperson draw attention for their clear articulation of MDC Alliance policies.

Mahere however still finds people intent on ignoring her professional work, and focusing on her personal life as an unmarried woman in such a high-profile role.

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