Nigeria’s Chioma Nnadi Says She Has Big Shoes To Fill As British Vogue’s New Editor, Pledges To Continue Diversity Push

Amidst the changing landscape of fashion media, Chioma Nnadi has assumed the role of head of British Vogue, stepping into the shoes of the esteemed Edward Enninful. Nnadi, the first black woman to hold this position, expressed her determination to further the magazine’s mission of inclusivity and diversity.

Nigeria’s Chioma, British Vogue’s New Editor

With over 14 years of experience at American Vogue, Nnadi brings a wealth of expertise to her new role. Her career trajectory, from newspapers in the UK to Vogue in New York, reflects her passion for storytelling and her commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices in the fashion industry.

Speaking on her aspirations for British Vogue, Nnadi emphasized the importance of building upon the groundwork laid by Enninful. She acknowledged the pressure that comes with following in his footsteps but expressed excitement for the challenges ahead.

Under Enninful’s leadership, British Vogue underwent a transformative period, championing inclusivity and featuring diverse voices on its pages. Nnadi aims to continue this legacy, recognizing the significance of representation and the impact it has on younger generations.

Born and raised in London to a Swiss-German mother and a Nigerian father, Nnadi understands the importance of seeing oneself reflected in positions of influence. She is keenly aware of the impact her role can have on inspiring future generations of diverse talent.

Despite the challenges facing print media in the digital age, Nnadi remains optimistic about the future of British Vogue. She sees social media as a competitor but also an opportunity to connect with audiences in new and engaging ways.

Addressing criticisms of Vogue’s perceived unattainable fashion standards and its environmental impact, Nnadi stressed the magazine’s commitment to responsible journalism and evolving with the times. She recognizes the need for the industry to prioritize sustainability and accessibility while still celebrating the fantasy and creativity of fashion.

As she embarks on this new chapter, Nnadi looks to her roots in the streets of London for inspiration, drawing upon the city’s vibrant energy and diverse culture to shape the future of British Vogue. With her leadership, the magazine aims to remain a beacon of creativity and innovation, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of fashion and culture.

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