Nigerians Urged to Prioritize Daily Walking for Mental Health and Longevity

By Cleopatra Eki

In an effort  to promote mental health and longevity among Nigerians, stakeholders in the Healthcare sector as well as Fitness enthusiasts accross various  aspects of the economy have emphasized the importance of incorporating a daily 30-minute walk into their routine, along with healthy eating habits, proper hydration, and sufficient sleep.

The call to action was made during a walkathon held in Lagos on Saturday, organized by the Waka Community International Foundation, Q-Life Family Clinic, and Health Emergency Initiative in honor of the late Dr. Adetokunbo Alakija.

The event featured health checks, CPR demonstrations, and first aid training sessions, reaffirming the commitment to building a healthier Nigeria.

Participants, including government agencies, health experts, families of late Dr. Ade Alakija, and representatives from various organizations, embarked on a lengthy walk from the Catholic Church Admiralty Road, Lekki, through Ikoyi Link Bridge to Falomo, and back to the starting point.

Lawrence Mba, founder of the Waka Community International Foundation, reiterated the significance of walking as a universally accessible form of exercise, regardless of age, gender, or physical fitness level.

He also highlighted the global significance of walkathons, which are conducted in 46 countries, underscoring its role in enhancing overall well-being and productivity.

The collaborative event aimed to immortalize Dr. Alakija’s memory, a fitness enthusiast whose legacy continues to inspire efforts toward wellness and health promotion in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the executive Director, Health Emergency Initiative, Paschal Achunine, while speaking emphasized the importance of raising awareness about healthy living practices and equipping individuals with essential first aid and CPR skills to address emergency situations effectively.

Also, Dr. Olayinka Olowolu, Medical Director of Q-Life Family Clinic, stressed the preventive aspect of healthcare, encouraging proactive measures such as regular physical activity and balanced nutrition.

Alero Alakija, daughter of the late Dr. Alakija and a medical practitioner, pledged to continue advocating for the benefits of walking as a tribute to her father’s legacy. Dr. Alakija, a former Chairman of the Lagos State Health Management Agency and pioneer member of the Waka Community International Foundation, dedicated his life to promoting health and well-being within the community.

As stakeholders unite in their efforts to foster a culture of wellness, the message remains clear: prioritizing physical activity, alongside other healthy habits, is key to achieving a thriving and resilient society.

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