Nigeria, Ireland to Strengthen Bilateral Relations for Food and Nutrition Security

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in Nigeria and the Irish Government have unveiled plans to enhance trade relationships aimed at bolstering food security and nutrition in both nations.

During a courtesy visit to Abuja, Dr. Ernest Umakhihe, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, welcomed a delegation from Ireland’s Ministry for Agriculture, Food, and Marine, led by Secretary General Mr. Brendan Gleeson.

Dr. Umakhihe highlighted the pivotal role of agriculture in Nigeria’s economy and emphasized the importance of fostering productive collaborations to stimulate trade and investment within the agricultural sector of both Nigeria and Ireland. He noted that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu recently declared a state of emergency in agriculture and food security.

This declaration reflects the commitment to implementing programs and policies that aim to enhance food security, generate employment opportunities, and eradicate poverty in Nigeria.

Umakhihe further underscored Nigeria’s status as the most populous country in Africa, blessed with fertile land suitable for developing various agricultural value chains.

He also mentioned Nigeria’s history of successful grain production, horticultural products, livestock farming, and more. These factors position the nation favorably for further agricultural advancements and collaborations with Ireland.

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