Nigeria Implements New Rules to Prioritize Local Electricity Supply

The Nigerian government has introduced new regulations aimed at ensuring that local customers receive their fair share of electricity amid concerns about irregular supply. Under these rules, system operators are prohibited from allocating more than 6% of the total available grid generation per hour to international customers or off-takers.

According to the guidelines, electricity generation companies are also restricted from dedicating more than 10% of their capacity to international customers over the next six months. Additionally, within any given hour, the maximum load that can be assigned to these customers is capped at 6% of the total available grid generation.

To enforce compliance, the government has mandated the installation of IoT meters at all off-take and delivery points to provide real-time data on supply. Furthermore, the system operator is required to publish hourly readings to ensure adherence to the regulations.

These measures are intended to prioritize local customers and address previous issues of irregular electricity supply to domestic companies. By implementing these rules, the government aims to ensure that Nigerians have access to the electricity they need for both residential and commercial purposes.

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