Niger Terminates Military Cooperation Agreement with US, Citing Sovereignty Concerns

Niger’s military government announced the termination of an accord with the United States, allowing American military personnel and civilian staff from the Department of Defense to operate within Niger’s territory. The decision comes just days after high-level talks between Nigerien officials and representatives from the US diplomatic and military sectors.

Colonel Major Amadou Abdramane, the spokesman for Niger’s military, declared the abrupt termination of the agreement, citing the government’s consideration of the people’s aspirations and interests. Abdramane emphasized that the agreement, signed in 2012, was deemed to be imposed on Niger and violated the constitutional and democratic principles of the nation’s sovereignty.

Analysts have underscored the necessity for all involved parties to engage in dialogue in a respectful manner to address concerns and potential tensions arising from the termination of the agreement. However, the Nigerien government has accused the US of exhibiting a “condescending attitude” and attempting to pressure the junta into choosing between the US and Russia, further complicating diplomatic relations.

With Russia potentially poised to capitalize on the situation, experts suggest that the US needs to reassess its approach to avoid losing Niger as a strategic partner. The termination of the military cooperation agreement underscores the shifting geopolitical dynamics in the region and highlights the complexities of maintaining diplomatic relationships in the face of competing interests.

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