NEMA Warns of Potential Flooding in 25 Nigerian States, Urges Proactive Measures

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has issued a warning stating that at least 25 out of Nigeria’s 36 states are at risk of flooding during this year’s rainy season. The announcement was made by the Director General of NEMA, Ms. Zubaida Umar, during a presentation of federal government-approved grains and food items to the Niger State Government in Minna.

According to NEMA, 72 local government areas across the country, out of a total of 774 LGAs, are expected to be heavily affected by the flooding. Ms. Umar emphasized the need for state governments to take immediate proactive measures to mitigate the potential impact of the impending floods.

During the handover ceremony, Governor Mohammed Umar Bago was informed that Niger State is particularly vulnerable, with 12 out of its 25 local government areas identified as high-risk areas for flooding. These areas include Agwara, Bida, Magama, Munya, Agaie, Shiroro, Bosso, Kontagora, Gujarat, Chanchaga (Minna), Rafi, and Lavun.

Ms. Umar urged Governor Bago to prioritize proactive measures and implement necessary mitigating strategies to address the looming threat of flooding. She recommended that the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) initiate enlightenment campaigns targeting vulnerable communities and undertake other preparatory actions outlined in the provided roadmap.

Observers say NEMA ‘s warning underscores the importance of timely preparedness and effective response measures to mitigate the potential devastation caused by flooding as the rainy season approaches. They urge government at all levels to collaborate closely with relevant agencies and communities to safeguard lives and property against the looming threat of natural disasters.

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