Minister of Power Proposes Customer Purchase of Meters to Accelerate Federal Government’s Metering Programme

Adebayo Adelabu, the Minister of Power, has unveiled plans to expedite the Federal Government’s metering programme by allowing customers to purchase their meters from accredited manufacturers.

This announcement aims to address the challenges associated with estimated billing and to close the electricity meter gap within the next five years.

During a recent visit to the Momas Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Limited in Ibafo, Ogun State, Adelabu emphasized the government’s commitment to bridging the metering deficit and ending controversies surrounding estimated billing.

He disclosed that through the Presidential Metering Initiative, the government intends to install a minimum of two million meters annually for the next five years.

With approximately eight million out of the country’s 13 million electricity consumers still lacking meters, there remains significant room for over-billing by electricity distribution companies. Adelabu highlighted the necessity of reducing the meter gap substantially, even considering new connections.

“We have a presidential metering initiative that has the plan of installing a minimum of two million to 2.5 million meters on a yearly basis, for the next five years, to close the huge meter gap in the power sector,” stated Adelabu.

The proposal to allow customers to purchase meters directly from accredited manufacturers signifies a shift in approach towards empowering consumers and expediting the metering process.

This initiative aims to enhance transparency and accountability in electricity billing while ensuring equitable access to meters for all consumers.

As the government intensifies efforts to accelerate the metering programme, stakeholders anticipate positive outcomes in improving service delivery and enhancing the efficiency of the power sector.

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