Minister of Art, Culture and Creative Economy Hannatu Musawa Addresses Misinformation and Affirms Commitment to National Service

Amid a flurry of media attacks and misrepresentation Minister of Art, Culture and Creative Economy Hannatu Musawa has released a personal statement to clarify her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) status in light of her recent appointment and swearing-in as a minister.

In her statement, Musawa expressed gratitude to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for entrusting her with the opportunity to serve as a minister and reaffirmed her dedication to her country. She acknowledged that she had commenced her current NYSC national service eight months ago, driven by her commitment to fulfill her civic duty, which she was unable to complete after her initial mobilization in 2001 due to family obligations.

She also clarified that her application to NYSC for re-mobilization was approved, and she has been serving in Abuja for the past eight months before assuming her role as a minister. She emphasized that there is no breach of Nigerian laws or the constitution regarding her position as a serving corps member and a minister.

Highlighting her commitment to National service, Musawa referenced a precedent set by a Federal High Court ruling in 2021, stating that the Nigerian Constitution does not require the presentation of a first-degree certificate or an NYSC certificate to be appointed as a minister.

Musawa stated, “I decided to participate in the current NYSC programme in fulfillment of my own personal commitment and out of a sense of duty which I am proud of.” She reassured the public that her ongoing NYSC status will not hinder her responsibilities as Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy.

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