Lagos Urges Safe Conversion to LPG for Domestic Use, Cautions Against Fire Hazards

The Lagos State government has issued a plea to residents, urging them to exercise caution when converting petrol-powered generators in homes and offices to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to prevent fire outbreaks. Mr. Lanre Mojola, the Director-General of the Lagos State Safety Commission, emphasized the administration’s commitment to ensuring the safety of lives and property in the state.

In light of the recent subsidy removal in Nigeria, resulting in increased petrol pump prices and discomfort for citizens, the conversion of petrol generators to LPG generators has seen a significant surge.

Mr. Mojola highlighted the numerous benefits of using alternative fuels like LPG or CNG to power generators and plants.

‘’These fuels are generally cheaper than petrol and offer potential long-term cost savings. Additionally, they are cleaner, causing less air pollution compared to petrol and diesel. Natural gas and LPG are often more readily available and domestically sourced in certain regions, reducing reliance on petrol prices and supply disruptions.

‘’One notable advantage is that CNG and LPG combustion produce less noise, resulting in quieter generator operation, which is particularly beneficial for residential use and helps minimize noise pollution. However, the state government aims to alert the general public to the potential safety hazards and risks ass’’ociated with the conversion process and the use of LPG-powered generators in homes and offices.

According to him, ‘’These fuels are cleaner and so do not contaminate the air as much as petrol and diesel do. Natural gas and LPG are often more abundant and domestically sourced in certain regions compared to petrol.

This can provide greater fuel availability and independence from fluctuations in petrol prices or supply disruptions.

‘’CNG and LPG combustion generally produce less noise compared to petrol and this result in quieter generator operation, which can be beneficial for residential use and minimise noise pollution.’’

As the state government takes proactive measures to promote the use of cleaner and more cost-effective fuels, it also emphasizes the importance of responsible usage and diligent adherence to safety standards. By raising awareness about the potential risks and safety precautions associated with the conversion process, Lagos aims to create a safer environment for its residents, fostering a culture of safety and responsible energy consumption.

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