International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) Condemns Police Attacks on Senegalese Journalists Covering Election Protests

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) has strongly condemned the attacks on journalists by Senegalese police during protests against the postponement of the country’s elections on February 9. The foundation demanded that Senegalese police take immediate measures to protect journalists covering election-related events in Dakar and uphold the international public’s right to information.

The protests saw at least 20 journalists facing brutal attacks, including physical assault, detention, and the use of tear gas by the police. Absa Hane, a journalist with the independent news site Seneweb, suffered a violent assault that led to her losing consciousness. She was subsequently detained for 30 minutes in a police vehicle. Other journalists, such as Isabelle Bampoky and Ngoné Diop, were targeted with tear gas canisters while documenting the protests.

‘’The IWMF is calling for a thorough investigation into these attacks to hold those responsible accountable. With the country’s elections approaching, the foundation urged Senegal’s police to respect independent journalism and uphold the right to report on political events and protests.

‘’The foundation emphasizes the significance of press freedom, especially during a super-election year when over 40% of the world’s population can participate in national-level voting.

‘’The IWMF stresses that a functioning democracy relies on press freedom, allowing reporters worldwide to cover elections safely and accurately without fear of reprisals.’’

As the situation unfolds, the call for accountability and protection for journalists resonates amid concerns about press freedom and the safety of journalists covering important events.

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