Gaming Industry: Governor Sanwo-Olu Positions Lagos for Dominance in Africa

The gaming sector across Africa has witnessed steady growth in recent years, with cities like Nairobi, Cairo, and Johannesburg recognizing the potential of gaming as a lucrative industry.  In recent times, Lagos is also pushing to position itself on the list of African cities eyeing a slice of the continent’s burgeoning gaming market with Governor Sanwo-Olu disclosing plans to position gaming as a significant revenue generator and driver of economic growth during the recent Africa Gaming Expo 2024.

With Africa Games Week serving as a platform for collaboration and innovation within the gaming industry, African cities are poised to leverage their respective strengths to carve out a significant presence in the global gaming landscape.

Cape Town  has been a leading hub in the industry, housing over half of South Africa’s game development studios. The city hosts Africa Games Week, an event that attracts developers, content creators, and industry leaders from across the continent.

Nairobi is also a significant player in the gaming scene, boasting studios like Kukua Games, which specializes in developing mobile games centered on African themes and stories. Similarly, Cairo has experienced a surge in gaming cafes and esports tournaments, reflecting the city’s growing prominence in the gaming industry.

Video games have evolved into a potent platform for advertising, offering a unique and engaging medium for brands to connect with consumers. With the exponential growth of the gaming industry, advertisers have recognized the immense potential to reach diverse demographics, including hard-to-reach younger audiences, through this interactive channel.

In 2024, US mobile game ad revenues are forecast to reach $7.74 billion, a 13.0% increase YoY, per an October 2023 EMARKETER forecast. For reference, total game ad revenues will be $8.53 billion, meaning mobile game advertising makes up 90.7% of gaming revenues.


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