Former Rivers State Attorney General Prof Zacchaeus Adangor Accuses Gov. Fubara of Sabotage  


Prof Zacchaeus Adangor, a former Rivers State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, has launched scathing criticism against Governor Siminalayi Fubara, accusing him of hindering reconciliation efforts with his predecessor, Nyesom Wike. Adangor’s remarks were made during an appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today program on Thursday, where he vehemently denounced Fubara’s leadership style.

Expressing his frustration, Adangor asserted that Governor Fubara’s recent actions do not align with the image of a peacemaker, contrary to public perception. Adangor, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, revealed that he resigned from Fubara’s cabinet in April due to the governor’s alleged request to challenge the validity of the Presidential Peace Pact brokered by President Bola Tinubu, aimed at resolving the feud between Fubara and Wike.

The former commissioner recounted a series of events, starting from December 18, 2023, following the signing of the Presidential Peace Pact in Abuja. Adangor claimed that Governor Fubara unilaterally redeployed him from the justice ministry to the Ministry of Special Duties without consultation, marking the beginning of their rift.

Adangor attributed his redeployment to his steadfast commitment to upholding the rule of law, viewing it as a punitive measure for his principles. He deemed the redeployment as nonsensical and untenable, leading to his decision to resign from Fubara’s administration.

Furthermore, Adangor denounced Governor Fubara’s allegations of sabotage during his tenure as attorney general, dismissing them as misleading and unfounded.

The accusations leveled by Adangor shed light on the internal discord within Rivers State’s political landscape, casting doubts on Fubara’s leadership abilities and commitment to fostering unity and reconciliation. As the feud between Fubara and Wike continues to unfold, Adangor’s revelations add another layer of complexity to the already tumultuous relationship between the current and former governors.

Adangor said, “Politically, I am loyal to Wike, there is no doubt about that. I wouldn’t know whether he was angered by that or not. But as far as I remember, he (Fubara) was angry that I insisted on conducting a matter in accordance with the understanding of the law.”

Asked whether it was not a form of disloyalty that he was loyal to Wike when he worked for Fubara, the former attorney general said, “I never applied to work for Governor Fubara; I was invited to serve under him. Even after my first resignation on 14th of November, I never wanted to come back as a person but the President asked us to go back.”

He said the governor did not evince any genuine desire to have the feud between himself and his predecessor resolved.

“I will give you two instances to show that he (Fubara) is not the person people think he is, he is not a peacemaker,” Adangor explained.

“I have been on leave of absence from Rivers State University, that’s my place of primary assignment. When I resigned on the 24th of April 2024, Fubara thought I would return to the university but I am aware that he had directed the management of the university not to allow me return to the university. That cannot be a decision taken by a person of peaceful disposition.”

Secondly, Adangor said the governor refused to sign the warrant of establishment of a customary court in his local community to “punish” him.

Source: Channels TV

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