FMDQ Exchange Approves ₦30.00 billion Commercial Paper Programme to Boost Agriculture

Access  to  capital  remains  a  top  priority  for  corporates,  as  capital  is  required  to  fund  business

expenditure, expansion aspirations and/or existing debt obligations, and the debt markets fulfil this

funding  requirement  by  availing  competititve  financing  to  corporates  and  governments.

FMDQ Securities Exchange Limited (“FMDQ Exchange” or the “Exchange”), in furtherance of its commitment

to the transformative development of the Nigerian debt markets, has approved the registration of the

Johnvents Industries Limited ₦30.00 billion Commercial Paper (“CP”) Programme on its platform, in

September 2022.

Johnvents Industries Limited (“Johnvents Industries”) is a wholly indigenous-owned agribusiness that

provides  modern  information  and  communication  tools,  macro-loans,  and  farm  inputs,  such  as

seedlings and fertilisers, to support farmers and finance their businesses in Nigeria, via its subsidiaries

– Johnvents Procurements, Johnvents Cocoa Factory and Johnvents AgriTrade.

The CP Programme,

which is sponsored by United Capital PLC – a Registration Member (Quotations) of FMDQ Exchange,

will  avail  the  Issuer,  Johnvents  Industries,  the  opportunity  to  raise  short-term  finance  from  the

Nigerian debt markets through CP issuances within the Programme limit.

As Nigeria’s largest securities exchange by market turnover, FMDQ Exchange will continue to provide

a liquid, transparent and efficient market geared towards supporting the aspirations of corporates,

such as Johnvents Industries, to unlock the required capital to bridge the funding gap in Nigeria’s

agriculture sector.

FMDQ  Group  is  Africa’s  first  vertically  integrated  financial  market  infrastructure  (“FMI”)  group,

strategically  positioned  to  provide  registration,  listing,  quotation  and  noting  services;  integrated

trading,  clearing  &  central  counterparty,  settlement,  and  risk  management  for  financial  market

transactions; depository of securities, as well as data and information services, across the debt capital,

foreign exchange, derivatives and equity markets, through its wholly owned  subsidiaries  –  FMDQ

Exchange, FMDQ Clear Limited, FMDQ Depository Limited and FMDQ Private Markets Limited.


As a sustainability-focused FMI group, FMDQ Group, through FMDQ Exchange, operates Africa’s premier

Green Exchange – FMDQ Green Exchange – positioned to lead the transition towards a sustainable



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