EU Announces €37 Million Investment in Nigeria’s Power Sector

The European Union (EU) is gearing up to inject €37 million into Nigeria’s power sector, supplementing the approximately €200 million in grants it has already invested in the sector since 2008.

The announcement was made by the EU ambassador to Nigeria, Samuela Isopi, during a visit to the Minister of Power, Chief Adebayo Adelabu. Accompanying the ambassador were Mr. De Luca Massimo, the new Head of Cooperation of the EU, and Mr. Godfrey Ogbemudia, the Programme Manager on Energy.

Ambassador Isopi highlighted the EU’s diverse intervention programs in the power sector, specifying that the forthcoming support would encompass various sources of power supply.

The initiatives are set to include small hydro power, solar installations for healthcare facilities, rural electrification featuring isolated and interconnected mini-grids projects, and a circular economy in the power sector project.

Commencing this year, these projects aim to contribute significantly to enhancing Nigeria’s power infrastructure and expanding access to electricity across the country.

Isopi extended an invitation to the minister for the upcoming launch of two EU-funded projects scheduled for March 26, further reinforcing the commitment to collaborative efforts.

Adelabu, along with his Chief Technical Advisor,  Adedayo Olowoniyi, expressed gratitude for the EU’s continuous support to Nigeria as the injection of €37 million is anticipated to play a crucial role in addressing power challenges and promoting sustainable and inclusive economic development in the country.

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