Enugu State Governor Invites Investors, Declares State “Open for Business”

Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, has reaffirmed his commitment to fostering a secure and favorable business environment for potential investors seeking new opportunities within the state. Speaking at the International Business Conference and Expo 2023, themed “Invest Nigeria,” Governor Mbah assured attendees that Enugu State is now primed and ready for increased investment.

The event, organized by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, brought together industry Leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors from within and outside Nigeria to explore nation’s diverse investment landscape. Against this backdrop, Governor Mbah’s declaration brings with it significant weight as it underlines Enugu State’s intention to position itself as a lucrative destination for both local and foreign investment.

He outlined his administration’s strategic plans to ensure that the state’s business ecosystem becomes a haven for investors seeking growth and prosperity emphasizing  the need to remove bottlenecks and streamline bureaucratic processes that often impede business activities. By doing so, he aims to create a seamless experience for potential investors, bolstering Enugu State’s reputation as a business-friendly jurisdiction.

“Enugu is now open for business. We are markedly revisiting our ‘ease of doing business’ indicators to ensure the environment is conducive for business. For example, our new land title processes will facilitate the issuance of Certificate of Occupancy in not more than three days or 72 hours.  Processes for the procurement of building approvals will also be revisited and markedly reduced to achieve improved efficiency.

“We are automating all our major government processes to ensure transparency in all aspects of engagement with government and facilitate self-service by the public with little or no need for physical engagement with public servants. We are also willing to de-risk business investment in key sectors by providing access to land, providing support infrastructure, handling engagement with host communities, among others.”

Speaking on investment opportunities in Agriculture and Agro-industry, Mbah said the state was  positioning itself to take advantage of its, “proven strong factor productivity in the areas of some key segments of agriculture by opening up another 300,000 hectres of farmland for cultivation of focus crops and animal production,” adding that focused crops and animal production opportunities in the state include Cassava, Soyabean, Cashew Oil Palm and Nsukka Pepper.

The Governor noted that investments in logistics and Aviation would be lucrative in Enugu State as survey indicates that 40 per cent of its inbound cargo from Lagos are meant for the South-east and South-south.

“In the area of logistics and aviation, we are investing extensively in our logistics and aviation sector to make transit through and to Enugu efficient and seamless. To achieve this, we are prioritising development of a cargo terminal for the Enugu International Airport to facilitate the direct receipt of cargo in Enugu as opposed to the current practice of shipping into Lagos airport and then undertaking the arduous and expensive overland journey to the South-east by truck. The terminal will also facilitate the export of agro-produce direct from Enugu.”

The International Business Conference and Expo 2023 provided a platform for stakeholders to engage in meaningful dialogues about investment opportunities in Nigeria. Various sectors, including technology, agriculture, energy, and real estate, were explored during the event’s insightful panel discussions and presentations.

The governor’s declaration is expected to trigger a wave of interest from investors, paving the way for collaborations and ventures that could reshape Enugu State’s economic landscape. As the global economy continues to evolve, Enugu State’s proactive stance in inviting investment speaks volume for both the state’s economic growth and the nation as a whole. With Governor Mbah’s assurance of a safe and conducive business environment, Enugu State is poised to become a choice business destination for both innovative ventures and sustainable development in Nigeria.

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