EFCC Alerts Public to Potential Threat of “Protest” Instigated by Shadowy Group

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has issued a public alert regarding a purported plan by a clandestine group to incite a “protest” against the Commission. This group, operating in the shadows, has reportedly intensified efforts on social media platforms to recruit young Nigerians, including students, under the guise of resisting EFCC’s enforcement actions, particularly in combating cybercrimes.

In a statement released recently, the EFCC expressed concern over emerging indications suggesting a coordinated effort by individuals under investigation or prosecution for corruption to exploit the alleged protest as a means to orchestrate national unrest. The Commission emphasized its role as a law enforcement agency committed to maintaining peace and security across Nigeria, especially in vicinity of its operational offices.

“While the EFCC respects citizens’ rights to peaceful protests, it remains vigilant against any attempt to disrupt law and order,” the statement read. The Commission disclosed collaborative efforts with other security agencies to preemptively address potential threats to national stability.

Furthermore, the EFCC urged parents, guardians, and heads of tertiary institutions to monitor and guide their wards to prevent their exploitation as pawns in what it described as a proxy war by vested interests linked to corruption. It underscored the importance of safeguarding the future of Nigerian youth from being misled into activities that could jeopardize national integrity and reputation.

The EFCC reaffirmed its commitment to combating corruption and cybercrimes as essential measures to secure a prosperous future for Nigeria amidst global scrutiny. It warned against Nigeria’s potential decline in international standing if notoriety as a hub for fraudulent activities persisted unchecked.

The Commission’s proactive stance reflects ongoing efforts to maintain lawfulness and stability while upholding its mandate to uphold justice and integrity in the nation’s economic and financial sectors.

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