Educator charges Government on Child safety in schools

By Cleopatra Eki

An education expert and proprietor Christ Our Banner International Schools, Mrs Christianah Ada Omoijiade has lamented over incessant kidnapping of schools in the Northern regions of country.

She made the call at the school ceremony in Lagos, pointing out that ” the reports are alarming and fearful,most young innocent children are been kidnapped ,it is pathetic and traumatiic for them.and their families.”

Omoijiade noted that “it has become a societal menace, that has left a high level of pains and sorrow on parents and loved ones of kidnapped children.” According to her,”It is an act of cowardice for a sect, whether terrorists, bandits or gun-men, to kidnap harmless children from schools. “She believed that government can do more than it is doing right now, to serve as deterrents for culprits.

She urged parents to give attention to children and safeguard them from falling into wrong hands anytime.. ” Parents can engage their children, spending quality time with them and during the holidays .

Omoijiade added that children should be enlightened on what kidnapping is, how they operate and how dangerous they could be. They should be advised on how to stay safe.

Speaking on the uniqueness of COBIS, Omoijiade added that is a play out of our mission statement To give the Child a firm foundation for an enduring life of excellence, dignity, commitment to service, and love for all men”

A parent, Ms Judith Okonofua commending the Christ Our Banner International Schools, said “Our children are given holistic education to grow into adultsrespecting others and willing to impact their world positively. Okonofua added that in COBIS- Destinies are moulded.

She noted that the school environment is an atmosphere of love where every child is respected and given equal opportunity to evolve as the individuals God has created them to be. Okonofua urged parents to enroll their children for lessons to keeping them busy with soft and life skills.”.

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