Capital market operators need to embrace tech – FinTechNGR, SEC

Capital market operators have been urged to harness technology’s potential to boost their operations while being cautious of associated risks.

This was stated by the President, FinTech Nigeria, Ade Bajomo, during his keynote address at the 12th annual conference of the Institute of Capital Market Registrars over the weekend.

The conference was themed, ‘Navigating Nigeria’s Economic Realities: The Transformative Power of Technology in the Capital Market. Bajomo said, “Technology has the potential to be a powerful equaliser and if our industry is to play a part in the fifth industrial era, then we must have capital market operators use the technology.

It has been proven time and time again that those who exploit technology in a certain manner will keep competitive advantage.

“We must also be mindful of the potential risks in the use of the technology in our capital market. We must ensure we have appropriate regulatory framework in place to protect investors and maintain market integrity. In conclusion, the power of technology in transforming the capital market is undeniable. However, we must use this power responsibly and with caution.”

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